Do you want to join Eloise in an adventure?

As any Eloise fan will tell you, wherever you find Eloise you find mischief! In the Eloise App there is “fun fun fun” all over the place and Eloise needs you to enjoy the fun with her.  

Weenie and Skipperdee are joining in as well. They are playing hide-and-seek with Eloise and there are so many good places to hide! If you find all of their hiding places you can start your collection of prizes. These prizes are available everyday and of course Weenie and Skipperdee hide in new places each day!

Mr Salamone is in the lobby – what is he looking for? Do you and Eloise have time to stop and chat to him or is the Bell-Hop waiting for you at the Bell-Hop desk?

Maybe you will go straight to the kitchen, which is open to everyone. Chef is “busy busy busy” and needs your help getting the breakfast orders out.

More rooms and adventures are available in the App, including Eloise’s bedroom, where you will find Nanny, and her bawthroom. If you sign up to The Eloise Fan Club then you can access these other rooms and play the other games that are available. 

The Eloise “rawther fun fun fun” App is available on both Android and Apple devices. Sign up below.

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