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Become one of Eloise’s “rawther” official friends by joining The Eloise Fan Club

The Eloise Fan Club is going live on 20th March 2020.

If you, or a loved one, are interested in becoming a member then please let us know by registering below. Nearer the time you will receive a note from Eloise letting you know what to do to sign up to be a member. 

So what will The Eloise Fan Club offer? In addition to the excitement of being a “rawther” official friend of Eloise members will also receive :-

  • A membership certificate – with some super new images of Eloise, Weenie and Skipperdee
  • An exclusive, members only, Springtime illustration of Eloise
  • Access to discounts on official Eloise merchandise
  • Access to downloadable images – only available to members
  • Access to a restricted area within the new Eloise App where she is busy on exciting adventures

Register your interest now and get an exclusive downloadable image for colouring in!

Eloise Fan Club

Sign up here to register your interest in The Eloise Fan Club and ensure you receive the details of how to become a member ahead of the launch date of 20th March 2020