Eloise Fan Club logo
When a girl, and not just any girl, has so many friends what should she do? Well of course she sets up an exclusive special place for them to become “rawther” official friends by joining  The Eloise Fan Club.

Eloise, Weenie and Skipperdee have been busy, when not ordering room service “Charge it please”, deciding what a “rawther” official friend of Eloise should get to enjoy as a member. They think the following is a super list:-


  • A member certificate, with a special seal on it detailing Eloise, Weenie and Skipperdee, confirming that you, yes you, are a member
  • An exclusive, only available to members, illustration by Hilary Knight showing what Eloise gets up to Springtime. It is beautiful and you will never guess what Weenie is doing
  • Access to a members only site, with your very own personal password, where you will hear Eloise news and see updates about The Eloise Fan Club, plus be able to access some fun activities
  • $15 discount on each of the other Seasonal illustrations – yes there is a full set of four in total, including the exclusive Springtime one you get as a member.  You need to be logged into your Fan Club account to buy these at the discounted price
  • Weenie wants you to know that access to the new Eloise App is a must for all of his friends. Otherwise you will not be able to go on new adventures with Eloise. You will not want to miss out on the exclusive members only access to the bedrooms where Eloise, Weenie and Skipperdee are busy having fun!

After all that work, as you can see, Eloise, Weenie and Skipperdee are super tired.

They have worked so hard pulling together The Eloise Fan Club that they have fallen asleep on Nanny’s lap!

So it is over to you to sign up and “Charge it”…