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In 2006 a total of four Eloise albums were released. These have now been re-released in 2020 and you can find more details about them below.

Film Soundtrack Albums – “Eloise at The Plaza” and “Eloise at Christmastime”

For fans of the two films, these two soundtrack albums are a great gift.

Bruce Broughton’s music for Eloise at the Plaza and Eloise at Christmastime saw him win two Emmy Awards – one for each soundtrack.

“There was a clear understanding from the start that they (Bruce Broughton and Kevin Lima the Director) had to find the delicate balance between Eloise’s world and the adults that orbited around her. It had to be fun and light, but not overly childish. It had to be glorious and cartoony, without losing its humility and emotional chord. And it is clear to everyone that they achieved their goal.”

Download or stream these albums, or the individual tracks, from your favourite platform by using the following links.

Eloise At The Plaza          Eloise At Christmastime
1. Main Title: The Plaza
2. I’m Eloise
3. Sir Wilkes
4. Breaking the Boredom
5. Morning Exercise
6. A Prince?
7. Sir Wilkes Again
8. Large Thoughts
9. The Prince’s Armor; The Little Prince
10. The Long Way
11. Eloise’s Stuff
12. I’m Very Good At This
13. Super Flambe
14. Philip and Molly
15. Tour of the City
16. Missing His Mom
17. An Idea; Temper Fit
18. Nanny’s Invitation
19. Leon Finds the Stars
20. I Know What I Want
21. Is That a Pock?
22. Turtle Attack
23. Leon’s The Prince
24. The Stars
25. Leon Werth?
26. Mom’s Star
27. Filling the Glass
28. Mom Listens
29. I Have Failed
30. The Eloise Waltz
31. Special Delivery; The End
1. Main Title – Overture
2. Very Suspicious
3. Eloise Meets Brooks; Max and Mrs. Thornton
4. Waking Nanny; My Very Own Room
5. Deck The Halls; Candycane Pirates
6. Cornelia’s Package
7. Rachel Peabody
8. Eloise’s Offer
9. Elevators and Kitchens
10. Still in Love
11. Housekeeping
12. She’s Dead
13. Shopping Day Morning; Messages, Spies and Sprees
14. Shopping Day Montage
15. Mrs Thornton’s Ghost
16. Haunted
17. Mrs Thornton’s Story; Troubled
18. Doggie in a Tutu (Trepak)
19. On True Love; My Job; Small Favor
20. Thwarted; Stay Out Of It
21. Eloise Figures It Out; Woo Pitching
22. Bills G.F.?
23. Playing With Prunella
24. Bavarian Chocolate Cake; Spy Gear
25. Brooks Stays
26. Right Off Schedule
27. Prunella’s Apology; Cakes, Turtles & Hysteria; Spies 28. Pearls, Pickups and Phones; You Look So Happy
29. Christmas Eve
30. Eloise Gets Caught
31. Eloise Gets Put Away
32. Come In, Nanny; Nanny Rescues Eloise
33. The Wedding; That’s Why; A Lot Of Things Happen; Der Ersatze Prinz
34. Hark! The End of the Show

Sing-a-long Albums – “Eloise” and “Christmas with Eloise”

These two fun albums are a must for any Eloise fan that just wants to be “Me,Eloise!

Sing-a-long with Eloise as she “skibbles” around the hotel looking for adventure and mischief. One moment she is in search of Mr Salamone the General Manager and the next visiting Vincent The Barber. Who knows what is in store for Eloise.

The Christmas album has a number of family favourites such as ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘Frosty the Snowman’, as well as some of Eloise’s own tunes.

You can download or stream each song, or the albums, from your favourite platform here. Plus if you truly want to “sing sing sing” with Eloise then the lyrics for each song can be found by clicking on the song titles below.

Eloise     Christmas With Eloise

Both albums are written and composed by Hammond Gamble and the main vocals are Eloise Kelsey.

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