The Eloise Fan Club launches on March 20th 2020, and we welcome pre-registrations now.

The wonderful and evergreen Hilary Knight has designed The Eloise Fan Club membership certificates and personally signed the first 100. These will be the only personally signed certificates issued. Certificates 1 and 100 will be auctioned for charitable causes later in the year. We will release full details soon, in case anybody wants to join the bidding.

The other 98 will be available to buy on a strict first come first served basis. These specific “Limited Edition” memberships to The Eloise Fan Club are being offered at $200 each for Year One, and in return you will receive your very own personally signed certificate, plus all of the other features and benefits. As these certificates will be limited to 100, with no further issues, they are limited to two per household. We want these originals to be available to, and cherished by, dedicated Eloise fans.

If you are interested in such a membership please let us know at . As stated it is first come first serve. If you want to wait until the launch of the full membership scheme then please pre-register and we shall be in touch in March.